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Dexter joins Excel!

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The long-term goal of a business is to thrive and to grow. Luckily, as we grow, it means we get to invite new, talented people onto our team of packaging professionals. Now, we have the pleasure of welcoming Production Artist Dexter Andres to the Excel family! Read on to learn a little more about him.

Meet Production Artist, Dexter Andres!

Dexter comes to us with 15 years of experience in the design field. He has a BA in Graphic Design and he also attended Mt. San Antonio Community College, where he studied Animation and Film for 2 years. Since that time, he’s worn lots of different “design hats.” Early in his career, he had the exciting experience of interning with 7ate9, an entertainment and production company in Los Angeles. There he was involved with the studio production of commercials and many shorts, especially with the Disney Channel. He also worked at a toy manufacturer. There, he was part of the new products team. He helped design a Harley Davidson scooter for kids!

In recent years, Dexter has done a lot of work creating marketing collateral for SoCal companies across many industries. He had great success His favorite part of that work was learning about the sustainability movement as it applies to business. He got to spend time listening to these business leaders talk about how to address and adapt to the changing demands on business, to be more conscientious of their carbon footprint and to take tangible steps to help reduce it. We’re excited to leverage some of that knowledge as Excel continues its green journey as well!

Dexter daughter

Dexter loves spending time with his three children, but will readily admits that this little one, Everly, runs the house.

Dexter is also a dedicated family man. He has three children, who he loves to play with. Playing video games with his children is one of his favorite hobbies. He also likes playing basketball and tennis with his sons and putting on tea parties with his daughter, pictured above.

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