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Welcome to Pepper’s Playground

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We’re so excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the Excel family! Pepper the puppy is playful, affectionate and a pleasure to have around. She comes to us as company President Chris Sommer’s new fur baby. Congrats!

little pepper
She was so little only a couple months ago!

She’s a Dutch Shepherd, a breed known for its good health and range of beautiful coats. Pepper has a short-haired brindle coat with colors that range from white to red chestnut, to black. Originally used by shepherds in the Netherlands for all-around farm work, the Dutch Shepherd is an intelligent, highly trainable jack-of-all-trades. In modern times, they are used as police dogs, service animals, and family-friendly companions.

Pepper is already proving herself to be a very good girl in training! She’s progressing through advanced obedience training and aspires to compete in IPO one day.

Pepper loves to play with other pups too!

Not only is she smart, but Pepper is also a very energetic, playful and affectionate pup. She’ll give almost anyone a warm welcome when she’s in the office. Outside, she loves chasing bunnies! When she was really little, she could curl up easily in your lap. As she continues to grow (from 10lbs in December up to approximately 65lbs fully grown!), this will prove to be more of a challenge.

pepper regal
Pepper in her “natural habitat” looking regal.

Pepper hangs out at the Excel office from time to time. She never fails to bring a smile to the team’s faces when she is around. Pepper’s got devoted fans here at Excel! She’s even got fans at our local Goodwill. But her biggest fan and her guardian, Chris, is definitely the happiest to have her. He’s enjoying taking her out on the trails, and many other adventures.

pepper goodwill
Our friends at the local Goodwill fell in love with Pepper, and who can blame them!

At Excel Packaging, we think of our team as a big family. And we’re so excited to have a new, furry friend in the family. It’s just part of what makes Excel Packaging such a great place to work, with such a great group of talented packaging professionals + one adorable pup.