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Our Work

Nullodor, USA

Flexible Packaging for Cat Litter

Challenge: Create a New Packaging Concept

Nullodor launched a new “disease detecting” cat litter in the U.S. marketplace using a jar with screw cap. The client then received multiple requests for the product in both a smaller pouch and larger bag format, so they turned to Excel Packaging for assistance. It would be their first time using flexible packaging.

Solution: Excel’s Project Review Process

Excel’s project review process provided the necessary components to produce Nullodor’s new package design.

Together with our client, we determined material, thickness and functionality for the various sizes, from 12 ounces to 3.3 pounds. Then we assembled, filled and adjusted sizing samples to provide a proper fit and present maximum shelf appeal. To review and finalize art, we used electronic and paper proofing. We presented full-color digital printed sales samples, which the client utilized to initiate orders for the product launch. We sent test samples to the co-packer for a trial run–qualifying and confirming production specifications.

Throughout the process, we worked closely with Nullodor on specifications. Upon completion, our client was pleased that the new packaging launch was a success.


Thank you for your patience. You have earned a very loyal customer. We appreciate Excel sticking with us in the tough times and we look forward to doing continued business with you.

Vet Science

Flexible Packaging

Challenge: New Product Launch with Speed To Market

In order to take advantage of the market opportunity and conditions, Vet Science sought to launch its new pet treat product line quickly. To make that happen, package design and materials had to be selected, graphics needed to be finalized and the product needed to be delivered to retailers in a very short time.

Solution: Excel’s Project Review Process

Moving quickly, Excel provided prototypes, machine test rolls and art proofs to facilitate Vet Science’s new product launch. For the prototypes, we sized sample pouches using bulk treat samples to ensure proper package fit. Material barrier qualities were designed to fulfill shelf life requirements. We sent production of the exact proposed material structure for machine validations. Machine produced packages were inspected and reviewed for any non-conformity. We produced, adjusted and approved paper, press and full-size digital printed prototypes prior to initial production runs. Together with our client, we reviewed the project in record time and quickly approved the pouches, resulting in a speedy and successful product launch.

Ricky’s Lucky Nuts

Stand Up Pouches

Challenge: Improve Printing Quality And Machine Performance

The Client was not happy with the overall print quality and packaging machine performance they received from their current supplier’s films.

Solution: Excel’s Project Review Process

Excel Packaging analyzed the client’s existing product samples, which were produced by another supplier, in order to make improvements in graphic reproduction and machinability.

Upon reviewing the existing product samples, we discovered poor print quality, including color fading and out-of-register images. We revised all art, specifying exact color targets, and added extra white layer for additional opacity. We supplied press proofs as well as a full production test run, all to guarantee our new customer a perfect package. Then, we sent test rolls to the co-packer to ensure that the material would not encounter the past problem film stretching.

Finally, Excel Packaging reviewed, tested and approved all specifications, resulting in high quality, consistent packages and customer satisfaction for Ricky’s Lucky Nuts.

Star Milling

Stand Up Pouches

Challenge: Create New 22 Lb and 5 Lb Packages

Some of Star Milling’s large bags of animal feed, produced by another supplier, were failing during distribution due to poor materials and design. Bag seams were breaking causing major failures necessitating a complete product recall. The client turned to Excel Packaging to solve this issue within a very tight time frame. They also asked us to design a new family of packages for their KOI Food products. They needed high quality packages for 22 Lb., 5 Lb., and 3 LB. sizes, all with brilliant metallic graphics.

Solution: Excel’s Project Review Process

Our analysis of their current bag failures pointed to package poor design and inferior materials. Excel Packaging supplied a stronger, more robust package using superior quality materials. We packaged and tested sample bags for strength and durability. Filled package were tested included drop testing, palletizing and shipping tests. We even challenged the customers shipping personnel to try and break the packages through heavy abuse. As a result of our robust testing and evaluation, the new bags are performing as required throughout shipping and distribution. For Star Milling’s small pack feed product launch, Excel Packaging supplied 3 new bag sizes – 10 Lb., 8 Lb. and 5 Lb. following our strict material and package review processes. We sized each package, assembled and filled prototype bags to ensure an ideal fit and shelf appeal. Once we finalized adjustments, we produced full-color digital printed samples to use for sales presentations and product brochures. Pre-sales of the small pack concept were strong and Star Milling launched the product. Sales continue to grow for this new market segment.

Stover Seed Company

Stand up Pouches

Challenge: Create a New Package for 5 Lb. Premium Lawn Seed

Stover Seed wanted to expand its product offering for major home and garden retailers with a large 5 Lb. package. They turned to Excel Packaging for help with the materials, sizing, graphics and bag designs that would be the most effective.

Solution: Excel’s Project Review Process

Through Excel’s comprehensive Project Review Process, we provided all of the specifications necessary to design several large bag options that would perform well at retail. With the client’s approval, we chose a prototype to develop.

For accuracy, we used electronic and paper proofing to review art concepts. Prototype bags were filled with product to confirm package sizing and equipment compatibility. The finalized art files were used to create full-color digital printed mock-ups for client’s customer presentations and to gain initial orders for the product launch. Next we ran produced production test bags for qualification, followed by full production–ramping up qualities and capacity as needed.

Selecting the right materials and producing superior print quality, resulted in durable bags and eye-catching graphics that drives consumers’ selection and enhances their experience with Stover Seed products.