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The Printing Technology That Makes Your Packaging Pop

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At Excel Packaging, we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency with which we produce beautifully colorful flexible packaging. We know how important this is to help your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. The technology behind our success can be rather complicated for the average layman (or laywoman) to fully grasp. Knowing the advantages of a particular printing process over another makes choosing a packaging supplier just a little easier. That’s why we decided to create this primer that will help you see why Excel Packaging is such a great option to solve your printing problems.

rotogravure packaging

Our rotogravure presses maintain excellent quality throughout large runs, without the image degrading or the color shifting.

We produce packaging through a printing process called rotogravure printing. Rotogravure is renowned for its exceptional print quality, crisp colors, well-defined images, and bright highlights. Plus, our rotogravure presses maintain high uniformity across the entire print run. Our process is highly cost-effective for large quantities as well as small quantity runs and is competitively priced versus all other printing methods.


laser cylinder

State of the art technology engraves our rotogravure cylinders via laser. Image from Handoo.


Rotogravure printing is the printing method of choice for many industrial printing jobs, especially now—our modern presses can print and process a wide range of recyclable and sustainable materials! Our use of Laser Stream FX technology to manufacture the print cylinders ensures consistently high quality, all while saving up to 12% on overall ink usage. These eco-friendly print cylinders are highly durable, recyclable, and reusable. Our technology and processes translate into a great advantage for your brand: we faithfully reproduce your graphic images at the lowest total cost of ownership.


flexo v rotogravure

Rotogravure (right) has consistent color at high speeds—color consistency throughout the press runs. It also has an extremely tight register control.


The greatest advantage of the rotogravure printing process can be seen in the vivid hues that saturate the materials of today’s packaging industry. Because more ink is deposited on the substrate than with other printing methods, the colors are more vivid and attention-grabbing. Our rotogravure presses do this consistently because we have the best production processes and teams in place. The Excel Packaging team is dedicated to continuously improving our equipment, processes and employee training, to maintain our world-class printing.


When you’re looking for a partner with a deep knowledge of and devotion to quality, ask about the rotogravure printing professional at Excel Packaging for your packing and publishing challenges. Call today, 949-831-3900.