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Packaging design is central to the success of a product. At Excel, we keep this at heart throughout the process of developing packaging to fit the goals established by your marketing team. Our aim is to take the vision and execute that plan through thoughtful and innovative packaging design, thinking through various elements to get the result you envision. To accomplish this goal we split the development into a technical and creative phase.

Technical Design

Our packaging engineering team will review the performance needs required of your package and the product it contains. We will also work with your co-packer to ensure we understand the filling needs and requirements for proper high speed utilization. We will recommend a technical design with the proper materials and barriers to withstand the distribution and retail or end-use environment, and keep the product safe and fresh for the consumer.

Creative Design

Melding the technical design with the creative goals is where Excel’s team offers it greatest asset to your packaging initiatives. We understand branding, marketing, and how critical the design and execution of the packaging is to the ultimate sales success. As your partner in the process we listen well, and offer suggestions as part of a collaborative process. Our experience will help you make decisions not only to meet your marketing goals, but also make sure it works with your co-packer or filling machinery.

To learn more about Excel’s Package Development Process, Download the Case Study.