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Solutions By Market

Lil Pups

Pet Food & Treats

It’s a pet food jungle out there, and competition for your customer’s attention is fierce. Making an immediate connection is crucial, and the right packaging can be the essential difference to drive success. At Excel, we take your top-quality product and put it into packaging that perfectly communicates and complements your brand. We’ve got everything needed to launch new products, drive sales and promote brand loyalty, including custom-shaped pouches with vibrant graphics produced with the most advanced, high-resolution color printing technology in the world.

Our leading-edge designs give customers what they expect—pet food and treats that stay fresh and are convenient to use, carry and store. And with options like crystal-clear windows, printed matte finish, and foil lining, your product will make a powerful connection with customers.

The pet food industry has expanded dramatically over the last decade, with an array of food and treats that include everything from single-serve and multi-pack meals to bulk kibble. Excel has a packaging solution that’s right for each of them.

Choose from our leading selection of materials and construction, designed to meet the needs of the pet food market:

  • Stand-Up Pouches for products between 1 oz. and 15 lbs., with re-closable zippers, dispensing spouts, and
    easy-carry handles.
  • Shaped Pouches, custom-designed for your product or marketing initiative.
  • Retort Pouches to protect product freshness and extend shelf life.
  • Flat-Bottom bags up to 10lbs, with flat front, back and sides that sit cleanly on a shelf and open fully.
  • Large Format Bags for weights above 2 lbs. and up to 35 lbs. that are made to withstand the ups and downs of
    transport and storage.
  • Rollstock laminations for both vertical and horizontal-style form/fill/seal packaging machines.
  • Surface Printed Films and Laminated Films that are high-strength and can be printed using our 10-Color
    Rotogravure press.

Bowl of Oats

Natural & Organic Foods

When it comes to organic and natural foods, packaging has to do more than differentiate, it has to communicate. We’ll bring your entire value proposition to life with distinctive packaging shapes, functionality and crisp, clean graphics.

Excel’s innovative, re-sealable packaging options include specialty films and perforations to maintain freshness, taste and aroma. And for organic products that need to breathe, we have packaging solutions that manage moisture levels. Let our modern designs and graphics define your brand and convince discerning food customers they’ve made the best decision.

Choose from:

  • Coextruded Films
  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Spouted Pouches
  • Shaped Pouches
  • Retort Pouches
  • Rollstock
  • Laminated Films

Lawn and Plants

Lawn & Garden

If you’ve ever fumbled with a giant bag of grass seed—spreading more on the driveway than the front lawn–you know the right packaging is crucial for heavy, hard-to-handle products. Excel’s packaging solutions for home and garden products–whether liquid or dry–give your customers the durability, capacity and convenience they demand.

Our award winning designs include re-closable, standup pouches for chemical applications, maximum-strength Rollstock for heavy weight products, and sift-free venting that eliminates air and makes filling and palletization a snap. No need to worry about bags left out in the sun or tossed around in the garage—our cutting-edge materials resist chemical delamination and don’t fade.

Plastic Wrap

Industrial & Chemical

Excel’s high-performance packaging solutions for the Industrial and Chemicals markets are engineered for durability and ease of use. Experience combined with engineering know-how will get you the right packaging these challenging items. We have formulated packaging for items such as industrial powders, rock salt, fertilizer, de-icers, silica, and granular chemicals.

Industry Applications we offer:

  • Coextruded Films
  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Spouted Pouches
  • Laminated Pouches

Medical Wrap


Excel Packaging manufactures a specialized line of packaging products compatible with EtO gas, radiation, and e-beam sterilization for medical devices, hospital supplies, and labware. We have over two decades of experience consulting with medical professionals to customize packaging solutions that meet stringent quality and testing requirements.

We offer:

  • Customizable Header Bags
  • Forming Films
  • Breathable Top Webs
  • Film & Foil Laminations
  • Baby Bottle Liners

We have expertise in customized resin blends, process control, and product design for unparalleled product protection and functionality:

  • Impact strength
  • Puncture & Tear Resistance
  • Seal Integrity
  • Fiber-Free Peel Performance
  • Superior Breathability