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Excel’s Culture of Collaboration & Balance

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Like most companies, Excel Packaging is made up of a team of dedicated professionals. But our company culture and values are what sets us apart from others.  Our company culture is what unites our human resources, to work together towards a shared set of goals. We set our company culture firstly by making sure we hired the right people who fit in with the values of the overall company. Some of the values we share include a passion for helping others as well as creating a community here amongst colleagues.

Overcoming challenges is easier together. Go Team Excel!

Our philanthropic values stem from our early days and have now been locked in with our designation as a California Benefit Corporation.  Giving back to the community and creating a social benefit are our corporate priorities and part of the executive vision for growing the company. Excel team members participate in a variety of frequent volunteer opportunities and can even use special time off for volunteering for their own favorite organizations and causes.


Village of Hope

We love visiting the Village of Hope to help make lunch!


No culture would be complete without some fun! As a team of hard-working professionals, we urge our team to seek balance by providing spaces and opportunities for them to take breaks and even play. Our office environment helps enhance a culture focused equally on high performance and on employee wellness. Similarly, we make it a priority to have scheduled out of office fun such as going out for dinner when we hit a monthly goal or even just go and take a cooking class together!

sur la table class

Not only do we love cooking for others, but we also enjoy making a delicious meal together!

The culture here makes working at Excel such a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with a group of smart and caring professionals. If you’re looking for a high service team to tackle your packaging problems, don’t hesitate to call today (94) 831-3900.