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A “Lab” Experiment

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As a pet-loving employee of Excel Packaging, I occasionally like to bring my work home with me. And by that, I mean testing the yummy sample treats our customers send us with my dogs at home, the ultimate taste testers…or so I thought.

People say that every breed of dog has a different personality, but I believe every dog has a unique approach to life and the interactions it’s faced with.

The other day I gave my two dogs, a Beagle and a Chocolate Lab, a dental chew treat from one of our customers. Watching the two very different processes of each dog breaking down the chew treat proved to be quite entertaining.

willy bone

Blatant ignorance of the human photographing him

The beagle consumed the dental chew in under ten seconds, devouring it as if it was a piece of kibble rather than a large chew treat.

Kreek dental chew

The ultimate face of concern worrying he’s disappointed his humans

The lab, on the other hand, proceeded to play with the treat, setting it down, jumping and twirling around it, picking it back up, and then setting it back down again. I watched in pure amusement as he played with the treat, never keeping it in his mouth for longer than a few seconds at a time.

Once I got tired of watching, he went outside, where presumably, the Beagle negotiated for it and ate it, probably in fewer than ten seconds.

Here at Excel we look forward to engagement with our customers. If you have a funny pet story or picture, find us on one of our social media sites and share!