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Excel at Super Zoo

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The dazzling display of pets blended with an electric atmosphere filled with genuine excitement and passion for pet care makes Super Zoo one of the most remarkable trade shows in the pet care industry.

Excel has been in attendance of this unique trade show for years, and looks forward to all the interactions, presentations, and conversations that Super Zoo provides in its 5-day Las Vegas event.

Super Zoo provides an outstanding platform to truly get an insider’s look on the newest innovative designs of the industry. Full of unexpected and bold innovations, the new product showcase at Super Zoo contains products with amazing ingenuity inspired by pet lovers all over the world.

What makes Super Zoo stand out from other trade shows is that is provides a setting for the independent retailers to interact with other businesses and industry personnel. As a packaging supplier, we are able to observe and learn a lot watching the interaction between seller and buyer, with our packaging being the medium to get across the product message.

From left: President Bruce Batcheller, Sales Executive Sara Greasley, Marketing Coordinator Rachel Edwards

From left: President Bruce Batcheller, Sales Executive Sara Greasley, Marketing Coordinator Rachel Edwards

“Super Zoo is the event we look forward to all year. This year I was able to meet a few customers I’ve worked with for years for the first time. It was interesting seeing our customers in their element to see first-hand how they market their products,” commented Excel Marketing Coordinator Rachel Edwards.

From pink poodles to celebrity speakers to countless potential connections, this show is truly the ideal setting for business and product growth. Quoted as the “idea-filled combination of fun and function” Super Zoo provides an experience like no other to give pet retailers the upper hand in the pet industry.

“With pet food packaging being one of our largest markets, it is vital to our growth as a company to see the latest trends in the industry. At Super Zoo we were able to meet with retailers and visibly see that flexible packaging continues to replace other forms of packaging. Additionally, we saw vast improvements in graphic design as package graphics and branding continue to be refreshed and refined. Seeing high quality product photos, matte finishes, metallic effects, and sophisticated designs across all food and treat packaging gives our company an opportunity to see what our customers prefer and allows us to strive to exceed those expectations,” said Excel CEO Mike Sommers.

For more information on Super Zoo, visit the official site at http://www.superzoo.org.