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Excel Flat-Bottom Bags Drive Purchasing

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Were you aware at least one third of purchasing decisions are made based upon product packaging alone? Research like this fuels design process at Excel Packaging. We create premium packaging from the inside out. Our process starts with the demands of the product but doesn’t end until your marketing and production needs are also met. For the past 25 years, we’ve helped bring products to life with our inspired, smartly designed, flexible packaging. We are now thrilled to announce the development of our new five-sided flat-bottom bag.

While it can be easy to overlook the importance and complexity of the single bag, it is our job to understand how one simple-looking container must protect the product from damage during transit, appeal to the eye of the end consumer, convey important brand information, and provide it all in a shape and structure the end consumer will appreciate using.

Research into buyer behavior consistently shows customers prefer simplicity when making purchasing decisions. They gravitate toward those products on the shelf that present them with simple, straight-faced, and good-looking designs. The new five-sided flat-bottom bag can provide you with this and a lot more.

excel-bagNot only can a number of different materials be used in the creation of our flat-bottom bag, but the bag is designed to provide maximum customer appeal as well. Printed or clear gusset options are available, and the bag can be printed on all five sides with spectacular presentation.

The bags stand perfectly on the shelf no matter which direction the bag is placed, with the same fit and placement as a standard paperboard box. Larger sized bags can be stacked either way to positive effect as well. Our design allows for easy filling, provides several closure options depending on the product need, can be tailored to meet product shelf-life requirements and uses 10% less material than a stand up pouch. The end result to the consumer is a higher perceived value for your product.

Additional design options to our flat-bottom bags include zipper or Velcro closures, clear windows at any point, inclusion of a tear notch, top or bottom fill options, handles, vents, or valves; glued full-flap bottom, anti-microbial coating, color change inks, embossed pattern printing, and two-sided registered printing. The 10% material savings of our bags is represented in the replacement of double-packaging used by most bag-in-box applications. Not only are you able to strongly appeal to your consumers on five surfaces instead of four, you can also appeal to their goal of reducing waste.

Studies show most packages are only examined for seven seconds before a consumer fully forms their first impression. Brands investing in packaging that packs well on the shelves and offers an impressive collection of graphics succeed more than brands with low visibility and poor packaging design. Excel Packaging knows how to design packaging that immediately attracts the positive attention your product needs, maintains that attention and ultimately leads to more purchases.

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