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Excel Packaging’s New Website

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Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 3.36.20 PMExcel Packaging Corporation is pleased to announce the arrival of the new company website! We encourage site visitors to engage on a self-led tour of the new website and explore all the new ways to learn about packaging and connect with the company.

Some of the major changes from the old Excel site lie in the unparalleled graphics display of the new site. Complemented by a new, colorful logo, the new Excel site exhibits several high-resolution pictures of different products and markets, as well as information about the company’s packaging and printing processes. Bright, colorful headings and wording on the page allow for smooth, efficient skimming of material.

Additionally, the new site has faster, more innovative ways to connect with the company, with links to our location on Google Maps, customizable “Contact Us” options, as well as the new blog feed.

On the bottom left corner of the page you’re on, you can now find links to all of Excel’s social media pages, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. We encourage you or your company to “Like,” “Link,” and “Connect” to Excel in these new ways across the web.

At Excel, our customers’ needs are the priority. We encourage feedback and commentary on Excel’s new website. Feel free to click on one of the many “Contact Us” options on this site or on any of our social media sites.