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How Excel’s Employee Training Drives Value for Customers

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For over 25 years, our team here at Excel Packaging has not only worked to exceed expectations for our customers with manufacturing and distribution of high-quality flexible packaging, but we also have a strong commitment to our employees by placing a high value on training.

Excel believes in the importance of thorough and continual training of our employees. We realize the benefits of training are experienced both by the employee and by the entire company. Well-trained employees feel confident about their jobs, which creates positive feelings about their work. In turn, employees perform well, become loyal team members and do a better job serving customers.

Not all companies share our commitment to training, however. The reasons vary, but many boil down to expense. Cutting costs is understandable, but should be done to eliminate waste in processes, a basic LEAN tenant. Investments in training actually help reduce costs over the long term.

Nicole Merritt, Marketing Coordinator here at Excel says, “Too many companies often see the upfront cost of training as a deterrent, but neglect to think about the unseen costs of untrained employees like errors and inefficiencies.”

At Excel Packaging, we believe that the benefits of having well-trained employees are worth the time and expense. Training develops loyal and productive employees, allows us to attract and keep top-level people and provides our customers with better service and a better value when they do business with us. We are a “team of experts,” it is part of our strategy!

Training provides many benefits:

  • Better service and experience for our Customers
  • Increased employee morale
  • Improved quality of work
  • Increased job security and confidence, reducing stress
  • Improved adaptability to change

Excel Packaging believes a skilled workforce is worth the investment. We know it’s important to provide our employees with continual training, not as an HR mandate, but as a strategic investment in our most valuable asset – our people. These are the individuals we work alongside each day and the people who take care of our biggest concern, our customers. Our commitment to their success is undisputable.

“There’s always time for important activities, but if you believe that development planning is a valuable managerial function, you must make it a priority and carve out the minutes and hours for it,” says Merritt.

To learn more about Excel’s commitment to its employees and customers, please visit excelpackaging.com to take a tour of our team and their services. We’re proud of them!