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Getting Human: The Excel Packaging Service Commitment

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At Excel Packaging, we understand that our business is a relationship between ourselves and our customers. Too many companies view their customers as numbers in a computer, a fact that becomes clear when a call is made to customer service. They will leave customers on hold for long periods of time, constantly transfer calls, or simply let an automated system deal with customer inquiries. And somehow these same companies are surprised when their customer base begins to take their business elsewhere.

We choose a different approach. We prefer to be hands-on. When a customer calls needing assistance, we don’t have an automated system or an untrained intern answering their call. We have a fully-staffed team of experts able to help with any problem or question that may arise. A relationship is about providing support and building trust, and at Excel that is exactly what we are here to do.


For over 25 years, our flexible packaging products have been praised by customers in the food industry, pet industry, agriculture, medical and household industries. In any grocery store you are sure to see our innovative and creative designs on a large number of shelves. Our team in Southern California works to make sure that not only is the presentation and functionality of your packaging exactly what you are looking for, but that you have peace of mind throughout the process. Our customer service staff is highly trained and is dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible with Excel.

Studies have shown that customers who do not feel as though they are being treated with respect and care will simply move on to a competitor. While this may seem obvious, it is astounding how many companies seem to place customer service on the back burner, sacrificing personal service for the sake of saving on costs in the short term. At Excel, you will never be made to feel as though your packaging order is not of the utmost importance to us. And that’s simply because it actually is important to every member of our team. Our satisfaction comes from hearing that a customer felt at ease and confident that their order would arrive on time, and at the level of quality they expected.

When a call is made to Excel Packaging we assign a dedicated customer service representative to the client that they can rely on and turn to with any questions they may have. As we said before, we do not view our interactions with customers simply as transactions. We believe it is a relationship that takes dedication to build. That relationship and trust have been developed with countless clients as we provide them with creative solutions, real-time status updates throughout the process, and the adaptability to make the changes necessary when problems arise. We work with you from the development phase to the finished product so you know that not only are your packaging needs in good hands, but also that you can call and have someone you trust pick up the phone to assist you.

Whatever your packaging needs may be, Excel is here for you. Contact us at excelpackaging.com and request a quote today!