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Giving the Gift of Life

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179587121901057-mfxz3uxepsbjanlrdmws_height640No company is an island. All organizations operate as an integral part of the community. At Excel, not only do we seek to raise the bar in the packaging industry, we want to set a standard for giving back to our community. Since one of the most crucial steps anyone can take is to donate blood, our team chose to attend a blood drive with Hoag Blood Donor Services, a donation group operated by the San Diego Blood Bank, on August 11, 2016. Our employees at Excel Packaging understand community service is just as important as customer service.

Since blood can only be stored for a limited amount of time, there is a constant need for donations. It requires a high number of units from healthy people just to ensure blood will be available when and where it is needed. If enough usable blood isn’t at the ready, the consequences can be fatal.

We took the opportunity to grab lunch as a group and spend quality time together. Even though our schedules are jam packed, it was amazing to see our team willing to devote some of their precious time to a worthy cause. While the donation itself only takes about ten minutes, the entire process requires an hour and fifteen minutes, so we cannot express how thankful we are to everyone who chose to put aside their plans to come join us.


Employees outside bloodbank.

Blood donation is a simple process, but with immensely important results. A single trauma victim may require 40 units of blood, according to the Armed Services Blood Program. And in the case of premature birth, an infant’s life can be sustained for two weeks by a pint of blood. Blood donation may be scary to those who have never donated before, but the knowledge that your donation saved someone’s life makes the entire process worth it.

Excel Packaging was proud to give back to our community. It’s been shown companies with employees who value volunteering see high morale after philanthropic events. That could not be truer for Excel. After every volunteer event we participate in, whether it’s lending a hand at the Orange County Rescue Mission or participating in Kids Around the World’s OneMeal program, our employees cannot stop smiling.

One of our Marketing Coordinators, Nicole Merritt, put it best when she said, “We know it’s important not only for the community as a whole, but for the individuals who make up this company, so they may feel like they are each giving back – that they are a part of a company that believes in these values.”

We strive every day to put community service at the top of our list of priorities, and we know it makes our employees proud when we do. To find out more about our team and what we’re up to, check out the rest of our blog at excelpackaging.com/blog.