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Matte Finish Options Complement Packaging Innovations

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When shoppers are faced with a wide array of products offering similar features and benefits, packaging can have a measurable impact on the choices they make. Consumers in the pet care, natural foods, lawn and garden, and other industries respond positively to innovations like stand-up pouches and flat bottom bags. Physical considerations like package coating can also affect a customer’s affinity for a product. At Excel Packaging, we offer design and printing options that complement the latest innovations in packaging, including several matte finish options.

pPETNA-5256360_main_t300x300This on-trend design element offers practical benefits, like protection from wear and tear, while providing outstanding visual appeal. Using less reflective packaging in brightly lit stores helps eyes settle on your logo or other key marketing elements of your choice. Additionally, matte finish coatings or registration (spot application) can make customers want to pick up your package and take a closer look, increasing the likelihood that they’ll choose your product over other options.

You’ve almost certainly noticed matte finish printing on products on store shelves, from magazines to packaged snacks and more. What you may not know is there are several matte finish options that can take the look and feel of your packaging to the next level. DuraSoft, our own specially formulated, “Soft Feel” matte, creates a premium velvety touch while retaining excellent machinability properties. Acrylex matte provides the highest level of scuff resistance for demanding applications while keeping colors true. UTM matte, a low gloss option, is the least reflective, and is considered the “gold standard” of matte finishes. These finishes give your packages a richness that stands out next to all of the “cookie cutter” glossy packaging on store shelves. Our designs incorporating matte finishes can offer the look you want, capturing brand statements that range from playful to modern to elegant.

Matte finish treatments can also be applied on specific areas of the package. Leaving your logo or other key elements of your design glossy directs the customer’s eyes right where you want them. Spot treatment, known as registered matte, allows for this effect, creating an eye-catching, three-dimensional look and also allowing for the use of clear windows, another popular packaging trend.

Matte finish treatments can make text easier to read and increase the tactile appeal of the packaging. Excel can help you choose among these matte finish options when designing your packaging, to find the one that best showcases your brand and your product.

Whether you explore various matte finish options or focus on other innovative package design elements, Excel can help your packaged product stand out from the competition. We’ve been experts in designing, engineering, and manufacturing flexible packaging for over 25 years. With dozens of products and hundreds of design combinations available, we can make your product “pop,” even on the shelves of highly competitive retailers. Our design and engineering teams will work with your marketing team to exceed your expectations throughout the design and manufacturing process. To learn more about our full product line and creative process, as well as how our team can help your business, please visit us at ExcelPackaging.com.