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Excel Packaging Introduces Hand-Made Samples

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Most packaging customers have come to expect some form of free-of-charge sampling to test prototypes before they commit to an order. Excel Packaging is taking things to a whole new level with our offer of fully customizable handmade samples. Of course, we know making anything by hand is time consuming, but we are committed to providing highly customized packaging to meet our customers’ needs. We believe it is worth the investment to ensure customers’ and co-packers’ satisfaction.

Most packaging producers send out a number of generic prototypes. The problem with this is that supply chain partners need highly accurate samples made to exact specifications in order to make sure their own processes are set up correctly. These extremely important details range from machine set-up, all the way to widespread distribution and stocking. Accuracy in the sample product can save a great deal of time and money over the long term, and prevent customer dissatisfaction at the end of the day. Samples that are just a little bit off can throw a wrench in the works at any stage of the process. Having an accurate sample of your final product is essential to guaranteeing the production of large numbers of high-quality flexible packaging.

At Excel Packaging, we understand these needs and strive to meet them on every front. Our handmade samples are made with your exact specification in mind. Our full-color mockups move your ideas from conceptual design to tangible product, with Pantone-accurate colors which are produced on a high-quality printer. Our handmade samples open up unlimited customization opportunities including metallics, Velcro® and other re-closable features, matte finishes and much more. We strive to deliver them to you under a fast turn-around window which ensures that you have your samples right when you need them. This level of customized, hands-on service is unprecedented in the industry and will guarantee you best quality results for your products. We have truly raised the bar!

The end-user is concerned about the quality and dependability of your product before they buy, so it makes a big difference when you keep the end-user in mind right from the start. With our handmade, full color samples produced in a fully-equipped packaging lab, you can see and feel with confidence how the packaging mock-up will appear and perform. Find out more about our incredible commitment to your needs at https://excelpackaging.com