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The Secret to Success is Staying True to Your Roots

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download-71991 wasn’t exactly an easy time to build a packaging startup geared toward the food packaging industry. Over the preceding decade, there had been over 7000 consolidations in the United States food industry, which meant that half of U.S. food sales went to just 50 companies. The decade of big business in the food industry had begun, and the idea of a small business making waves wasn’t as common as it is today. Our founder Mike Sommers, however, believed there was no obstacle too big to overcome and created a company based on engineering excellence and extreme customer service. He persevered through every challenge that came his way and, thanks to his resilience, built a company that has earned recognition and accolades from its customers and peers.

Today the company is no stranger to success. The Orange County Business Journal included Excel Packaging in a list of fastest growing companies in Orange County. We constantly receive praise for our customer service, and our technological innovations continue to surprise and impress those who work with us.

It’s difficult for any small company to break into any market, but the food industry came with its own set of challenges. Industry consolidation and entrenched packaging suppliers made it difficult for a startup company to make its mark. By relentlessly focusing on our core strengths of package engineering and superior service, we made headway and established our company. Soon we were able to win over companies like Knott’s Berry Farm Foods, Biotek Solutions and Anheuser Busch, which gave us the foothold we needed to climb higher.

From the very beginning, Mike Sommers and his team dedicated themselves to offering the latest technological innovations in the packaging industry to suit the needs of customers. Following the example set by those who started the company, we still use a thorough project review process today. Every detail of a product, from the design, to the materials used, to the final printing, is inspected and examined by a trained specialist on our team. Our attention to detail has made us a premiere printing destination, not only in the food and industrial markets, but in pet, and consumer products as well.

We make sure each individual project is given the attention it deserves. Whether it is designing stand up pouches and bags for the food industry or creating flat bottom bags for pet-food companies, we are adaptable enough to meet any unique need. While we have come a long way from where we started, there is still a long way to go. We’ve expanded our offices and commissioned a new factory in 2013, but through all of our success, our business model has remained the same as the day we were founded. We strive to provide the best in product innovation and excellence in customer service. It’s as simple as that.


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