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The Interns of Excel

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One of the many ways Excel likes to give back to the community is to give its youth opportunities to apply what they are studying in college in a workplace environment.

In the summer of 2012 Excel began reaching out to local colleges and presenting the opportunity of getting to work at a real company to practice and apply newfound skills.

Excel currently hosts 5 interns, each bringing a unique skill set to contribute to the company.

Three of the five employees that make up the 2014 Excel intern staff

Three of the five employees that make up the 2014 Excel intern staff

“Working as the social media intern at Excel has truly opened my eyes to the business world in a way no classroom could ever imitate,” says Excel intern Abby Batcheller.

From public relations, to computer programming, to engineering, Excel provides a setting for these interns to apply the skills they are learning about to a bustling, thriving company.

Excel Coordinator Rachel Edwards commented, “I love having the extra assistance when I get busy and it’s exciting seeing the interns utilize their distinctive skills to help us do more as a company. The interns help alleviate the work load but they also bring great energy to our work environment.”

Veteran intern Riley Biller remarked, “Working for Excel has given me an unparalleled outlook on the business world. I’ve learned skills I can take with me to future jobs and use for resume-building.”

“Being able to work directly with so many professionals in the business world has eased the transition from being a college student to being a proficient working student with newly acquired knowledge and skills to apply to my major,” said intern Nathan Bloom.

Excel looks forward to welcoming more interns in the future as the current ones transition out of college and into their own careers.