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Excel Advances in Print Quality Management!

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Walk down the aisle of any supermarket, and you’re bound to see rows and rows of eye-catching packaging with trendy colors, fonts, images and unique messaging. A lot of work goes into those pretty bags of low-calorie sweetener and those pouches of grain-free dog treats with cute doggie cartoons. Plenty of design takes place, but then also a lot of pre-production prior to print– fine-tuning colors, fonts and images to match the printer’s unique capabilities with the designers’ requirements. At Excel Packaging, we’re committed to making this sometimes complex or even uncertain process a breeze for our clients.

Jenny Korea Outdoors

Creative Services Manager, Jenny Nelson, measuring press samples hot off the press in South Korea.

We’ve dedicated a lot of talent and investment into maintaining a state of the art printing facility. Our pre-production team works very closely with the print production team, exchanging color and press samples, and providing detailed suggestions for maintaining a consistent color output.

print sheet hairnet

Part of ensuring high quality at our production facility includes strict hygiene–that means hairnets for everyone!

Now, we’re making the pre-production and production processes even smoother by setting up our own in-house Pre-Production Lab, powered by the finest tools in the industry. In the past year, we’ve invested in an Epson SureColor P7000 powered by GMG ColorProof software. We are measuring and recording ink behavior on all print runs using GMG OpenColor and the X Rite i1iO automated scanning table. These tools are increasing our ability to log and match to client colors as well as provide beautiful and verified paper proofs for clients to see how their packaging will turn out prior to going into production.

Custom Colors and Profiles

The i1iO table allows us to scan colors from all substrates we produce on into the OpenColor color database. The measurement device captures the unique color data, allowing us to create profiles based on the printer, the ink and the substrate. As our database continues to grow, our ability to see curve patterns from our presses is allowing us to predict color outcomes ahead of the print game.


A spectrodensitometer is a great tool for accurately measuring and comparing color on any type of print.

Many customers want to showcase their unique product by blending a custom color that stands out from the competition. Our ability to measure and log these colors in the database, allows us to proof a color that is totally personalized even in the pre-production stages! This greatly reduces the chances for unpleasant surprises during and after production. It’s all part of our continuous commitment to increasing the quality and value we provide our clients.

Superior Proofing Capabilities

As Pantone ink swatches are scanned in, we are able to then create an OpenColor profile based on our in-house Rotogravure press capabilities. When applied, the profile lets ColorProof and the Epson know exactly how to print an accurate representation that matches the scanned color. This allows us to provide the truest representation possible of what their final packaging will look like, in turn giving the customer the ability to make necessary adjustments prior to engraving cylinders.

Epson SC-P7000

The Epson SC-P700 with Spectro. Image from Epson.eu.

Color is very subjective; that’s why it’s so important to use exact measurement tools in the printing industry. Our Epson is equipped with just such a measuring tool. Every proof is measured for color accuracy against its own standard. If it passes, the proof will include verification at the bottom. If any colors are inaccurate beyond our tolerance, the proof fails and the job automatically prints again. This is very important when sending proofs off to client marketers and designers because it demonstrates our commitment to color accuracy from the earliest phases of pre-production. A verified proof like this can act as a contract for color–providing us with a physical sample to match to on press, while providing clients with the confidence that their final package will match their expectations.


We know just how important packaging is to any brand. That’s why we take the time to really get to know the product, the client and the end-consumer’s needs. Armed with this knowledge, we act as our clients’ packaging experts providing suggestions for optimizing graphics as well as all their other unique needs, every step of the way. We can confidently say that our clients can rely on us the way they would an internal packaging department.

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