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Excel Packaging Further Expands Production Capabilities

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Excel Packaging expands again!

It’s not a stretch to assume that the goal of most businesses is to grow! When you’re in the business of manufacturing flexible packaging structures, growth is all about expanding capacity. It’s also about investing in state of the art technology to continuously improve quality and efficiency. That’s why Excel Packaging is very happy to announce we are again expanding our manufacturing facility in South Korea to meet customer demand!

We opened our new manufacturing facility in South Korea 4 years ago. In that short time, we have already made 2 major additions to the facilities and equipment. South Korea has a well-deserved reputation for superior goods and services. We’ve also invested in our team at our facility, by providing high-quality training. Thanks to the team of packaging experts, we continue to increase our capabilities.


Excel Packaging’s new manufacturing facility expands again!

We are now expanding our facility to include even more state-of-the-art technology. We know that as a company expands, business is expected to become more efficient! So, we’ve added another Totani pouching machine to our line-up of 8 pouching machines. These large machines turn the printed rolls of film into pre-made pouches or larger bags (with zippers!) at a very high rate of speed. The result will be increased production efficiency.



These large, state-of-the-art pouching machines turn printed film into flexible packaging–with zippers!


This expansion is very important for us because it allows us to continue expanding our capacity. This in turn expands our flexibility to serve our customers. It’s all part of our global mission and dedication to our stringent quality certifications: a commitment to continuously improve and to provide the highest quality standards for our customers.

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